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We are a second generation, award-winning packaging design consultancy and fulfilment provider offering moulded pulp, solid board and corrugated sustainable materials. Designing, delivering and operating to the needs of the client with bespoke honest advice, offered by a team with a combined experience of over seven decades.


Passionate about working with companies looking to improve their packaging lines and design to replace polystyrene and plastics with more sustainable alternatives.

We are a UK-based company that also works alongside international businesses, servicing and shipping worldwide. 


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We are Bronze and Silver WINNERS for Best Product of the Year and Global Good SME of the Year 2021!

Global Good Awards

We couldn't be more excited to have won not one, but two Global Good Awards - Silver for Global Good SME of the Year and Bronze for Best Product of the Year!

This recognition comes at a point of business growth and development, and we couldn't be prouder how everyone in the team collaborates to make Switch what it is today. It's safe to say that we are excited about what the future holds. Read more about our wins here.


Bespoke Sustainable Packaging Designs for Your Needs


As a sustainable packaging company specialising in paper materials such as pulp, corruagted and solid board, in all that we are and do, we are sustainable. Not only is it in our name, but it is the lifeblood running through the business - from our services, our approach, our running of the business and the team’s personal passions. We strive for quality, bespoke packaging designs with integrity and innovation at the heart. Effective solutions delivered through a simple approach that is honest and transparent, ultimately allowing for a design that is fit for purpose, helps the environment and delights the client.

Switch nailed the design straight away. We have had so many comments on how great and unique the packaging looks from people across the industry and have already recommended Switch to three different companies! Not just for the design, but Switch’s approach and customer service were brilliant, they really took the time to understand us and the brief." Ana Gonçalves, TOU

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Switch Packaging Specialists

Pulp Protective Packaging

Moulded pulp protective packaging
Specially designed to maximise any protection
needed for your products in transit
All made from 100% fully recycled pulp paper

Switch Packaging Specialists

Corrugated Packaging

Conventionally made FEFCO designs
Bespoke designs for your specific products
Manufactured from virgin Kraft fibreboard or fully
recycled papers to suit your business profile.

Switch Packaging Specialists

Solid Board

Litho or Digitally printed packaging for small or
large orders
Professionally diecut and finished for that
cutting edge appearance to maximise your
product's USP.

Switch Packaging Specialists

Consultancy and Design

Clients come to us when they want expert, honest and reliable advice on their most effective sustainable packaging options. Our dedicated consultancy and design services create innovative protective packaging designs whilst minimising your company’s non-recyclable waste and storage.


Pulp Packaging – what's not to love?

We love everything about pulp and we aren't alone. This renewable and biodegradable raw material usually made from newspaper is completely versatile and super strong. This paper packaging material is becoming increasingly popular with the growing realisation that companies and manufacturers need to urgently remove their use of plastic and polystyrene. Pulp protects heavy, customised items as well as breakables far more effectively than the alternatives.
Read about how we can create pulp packaging designs suited to your product here.



Many packaging designers don't give any consideration to moulded pulp when looking for a clamshell or other enclosed retail packaging containers but hinged moulded pulp containers have been used for decades as egg cartons. Through our customer partnerships, we have created several clamshell designs that are now being used through major online retail suppliers.

End Caps

End Caps

Designed properly, moulded pulp end caps can provide the shock and vibration resistance required for many packaging applications. We have supplied several furniture manufacturers with moulded cornets and channels to support their products in transit.




Anyone who has ever had to carry a few drinks from the concession stand to their seat at a sporting event is familiar with moulded pulp trays. These trays are designed specifically to house products/components that need to be held secure, many goods are delivered with tray moulding supporting the product, i.e. your new computer.



Get creative with paper packaging

Paper packaging is constantly evolving, very little can happen day to day without paper or cardboard. Its potential seems almost limitless.
Different ways and ideas of using paper is being created almost daily and will continue to be redesigned/updated as it is an essential ingredient of our everyday lives.

As a sustainable packaging company we never take paper for granted. It should be looked at as a valued and precious commodity. As we globally address climate change, the challenge will be to move away from plastic to a more sustainable product. Paper is the perfect material to replace plastic due to its sustainable, strenght and versatility. 



Why not use this versatile resource more?

Paper/board/pulp does not have to be expensive and can reduce packaging/fulfilment/transport costs if well designed.

Having been available for 700 years, with new design techniques and innovation, the raw beauty of this product can be once again recognised.  

Three benefits of corrugated cardboard:

  1. 1. Protects the product inside – Strong

  2. 2. Customisable to suit your needs - Versatile

  3. 3. Cost effective and sustainable - Sustainable


At Switch, we have a real passion and love for paper packaging materials, specifically moulded pulp, solid board and corrugated. We work to create bespoke and custom packaging designs that are good for the planet, generate a positive brand image, look great and are intriguing and intuitive to open! 

Read more about the benefits here.


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