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The Marvels of Pulp

There is no question that in today’s market that both consumers and retailers are more aware of how their decisions are affecting our planet when it comes to packaging. Few would argue that there is a great benefit in developing products and packaging that are biodegradable.



Unlike some newer eco-friendly materials, moulded pulp is proven. It has been used for decades and its technology and supply base are very mature and reliable. Notwithstanding this the product itself is extremely strong and versatile providing packaging solutions for a vast variety of products.



Many packaging designers don't give any consideration to moulded pulp when looking for a clamshell or other enclosed retail packaging containers but hinged moulded pulp containers have been used for decades as egg cartons. Through our customer partnerships, we have created several clamshell designs that are now being used through major online retail suppliers.

End Caps

End Caps

Designed properly, moulded pulp end caps can provide the shock and vibration resistance required for many packaging applications. We have supplied several furniture manufacturers with moulded cornets and channels to support their products in transit.




Anyone who has ever had to carry a few drinks from the concession stand to their seat at a sporting event is familiar with moulded pulp trays. These trays are designed specifically to house products/components that need to be held secure, many goods are delivered with tray moulding supporting the product, i.e. your new computer.


Come and talk to us about E.R.I.C. to see which form he needs to take for you...

Creative with Paper/Cardboard
Paper is constantly evolving, very little can happen day to day without paper or cardboard, its potential seems almost limitless.
Different ways and ideas of using paper is being created almost daily it will continue to be redesigned/updated as it is an essential ingredient of our everyday lives.

We should not take Paper/cardboard for granted it should be looked at as a valued and precious commodity. As Globally we address climate change and the challenge will be to move away from plastic to a more sustainable product, paper is certainly sustainable and versatile.

Why not use this versatile resource more?

Paper/board/pulp does not have to be expensive and can reduce packaging/fulfilment/transport costs if well designed.

Having been available for 700 years, with new design techniques and innovation, the raw beauty of this product can be once again recognised.  

Three benefits of corrugated cardboard:

  1. Protects the product inside – Strong
  2. Customisable to suit your needs - Versatile
  3. Cost effective and sustainable - Sustainable

Why not look at Environmentally Recycled Impact Corners/Cartons/Containers (E.R.I.C.) to see what can be created with recycled cardboard?

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Pulp Protective Packaging

Moulded pulp protective packaging
Specially designed to maximise any protection
needed for your products in transit
All made from 100% fully recycled pulp paper

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Meet ERIC, he can take many forms, he rigorously protects the corners of your doors, worksurfaces and also breakables
like jars in transit, making sure that those vulnerable areas are covered and loving protected.

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Corrugated Packaging

Conventionally made FEFCO designs
Bespoke designs for your specific products
Manufactured from virgin Kraft fibreboard or fully
recycled papers to suit your business profile.

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Solid Board

Litho or Digitally printed packaging for small or
large orders
Professionally diecut and finished for that
cutting edge appearance to maximise your
product's USP.