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Making Switching to Sustainable Easy - 4 Steps & Our Top Tips

When clients approach us, they are occasionally a little apprehensive or unaware of the processes involved with switching to sustainable packaging materials. As well as with refreshing their current designs, or perhaps even putting new processes in place for product launches for example. You may have even had a bad past experience which has led you to be nervous about changing anything at all!

We wanted to use this blog to reassure you that when you have the right packaging partner, the processes aren’t scary or complex at all. In fact, our clients often find it an enjoyable experience and to some degree, are free to be involved as much or little as they wish.

Let’s break it down for you - what is Switch’s approach to packaging?

There are four key steps to how we, as a sustainable packaging consultancy, approach your packaging requirements to make the process simple and stress-free. Over the last decade, this approach has been tried and tested, and tested again to get the best outcome for you and your company.

Step 1 – Our work always starts with a design consultancy. Whether in-person or virtually, we take the time to understand your business, brand, packaging lines and products. We listen to your ideas and may suggest some that you haven’t considered, then advise on the design and cost.


Step 2 – Once we have a good understanding of what you would like and what will work best, we then create your unique design. We like to show you these using our in-house 3D CAD software so it is easy for you to visualise.


Step 3 - When you’re happy with the design, our team creates samples for testing to ensure the utmost protection.


Approach to sustainable packaging



Step 4 - Once both our team and your team are confident in the design and performance, we manage the manufacturing process. Ensuring quality checks are carried out along the way.


Simple, right? So now we have shown you in theory how straight-forward the steps can be, picking the right partner to execute this seamlessly is fundamental to make your packaging journey easy and enjoyable.


Top tips in making your packaging journey easier - it’s all about choosing the right packaging partner

Much like a marriage, if you have the right packaging partner, the process is smooth and the outcome is great. Therefore, to finish off we will give you some tips when choosing your packaging partner to get the best result for your business and brand.


It sounds basic, but find a partner you can trust

Our team speaks a lot about honesty, integrity and transparency for a reason. After all, clients come to us when they want to use our expertise, so this has to be reliable. Listening to the wants of the client, as well as advising on what we know will work best, are equally important and when outlined upfront, this often results in the perfect design.

You can often decipher how trustworthy or reliable a potential partner is through testimonials, speaking to their past clients and even by having an initial conversation with them - our instincts rarely let us down.

At Switch, we create packaging which serves its purpose in both design and protection, delivered through a simple approach that is honest and transparent at every step.


Packaging experience



Again, it may seem simple but always pick a packaging partner who has considerable experience in the industry. Knowledge and experience are key to creating innovative designs that will protect your products. Especially if your products are a little unusual or you would like a design that really stands out.

Come to think of it, when looking back at our team’s experience there isn’t much we haven’t come across. We have enough weird and wonderful stories about what we have seen working in the packaging industry for a combined total of seven decades to write our next blog!


Thinking of the bigger picture

Lastly and importantly, we feel that not only should a packaging partner advise on the most suitable material and design, but also look at every aspect of the packaging lines and the logistics involved. Streamlining processes and efficiency can considerably reduce costs for you as the client – making switching to sustainable an even more desirable option.

This is what we do; we review the whole packaging process to make it as cost-effective as possible – from fewer breakages through better design, to streamlined supply chains.


If you would like to hear more about how we work, our approach or even how we could be your packaging partner, please drop us a message or give us a call.  We would love to hear from you!

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