We are proud to be able to offer dedicated design consultancy services from producing innovative space saving, protective packaging design through to cost savings in logistics and minimising your company’s non-recyclable waste and storage.

Here at Switch we strive for quality solutions with integrity and innovation, this results from many years of building relationships with our customers based on trust and mutual respect and solid honest advice. Our fresh approach enables us to provide valuable strategic insights and direction to find the best solutions to even the most complex of problems.

Most of our team members have worked for some of the largest packaging companies in UK, servicing local, national and international clients. This level of experience has given us unique and practical insight into not only the packaging industry, but more importantly the ability to quickly finding cost effective solutions for our customer’s packaging needs.

Packaging can be a confusing area, it really does not need to be that way!

Because of our wide range of skills, we endeavour cut through the ‘jargon’ to avoid confusion, from design concept to manufacturing and logistics.

Effective solutions through a simple approach that is honest and transparent allows for a correct result that is fit for purpose and delights the customer.

The vast majority of our customers simply want good precise advice and assistance in ensuring that the packaging they are using is the most cost effective for their business, and for their customer/brand.

First impressions count, and the first thing anyone sees of your product is the packaging.

We are always happy to help.

Please call us if you would like additional information on 01580 236 128