Creative Solutions

We pride ourselves with looking at alternative solutions in the appropriate form.

We work closely with everyone to look at their needs - but also understanding that ‘Brand Image’ is essential to any product. We endeavour to balance innovative ideas with practical design essential for both transportation and fulfilment, but the ‘wow’ factor is paramount to support the Brand.

Our goal when working with individuals or businesses is to create a novel solution, within a sustainable environment and looking at reducing your costs. We have our own inhouse design team and CAD facilities to support the process, which we hope to make fun and inspiring! We can either support you remotely or you are very welcome to come to our design centre and work actively with us (by appointment).

We like to think about the brand and the associated product, we ask questions as if we are the consumer – Why did you buy this brand?

Now that you’re thinking about it, odds are, you may have bought it because it was interesting. Yes, you may have needed the product, but did you need that specific brand?

Was it the one with the sleek, expensive looking packaging? Was there an environmental desire to have the correct box i.e. cardboard?  
Packaging has a purpose, it supports and enhances the brand. Packaging, when done correctly and creatively, is ultimately what sells a product. It draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way.

How can we help you look at your packaging differently to enhance your Brand?


Always good to talk ….

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