In-house packaging design & sampling service

At Switch we have a competitive edge over our competitors with our computer aided in-house packaging design, sampling facilities and digital printer.

This enables us to provide you with the very best service, customised and bespoke packaging designs that deliver to your individual needs. We work to create designs that not only protect your products but also look great.



Our bespoke sustainable packaging design and sampling process

With our level of experience, we appreciate what it takes to get the design right when packaging your products. During the initial consultation, we ensure we understand what your requirements are, offering our expert advice every step of the way. With our friendly team, we then create the right design for you – whether that be a standard offering or something a little more bespoke. Our in-house 3D CAD software and digital printer allows us to share the designs with you so you can easily visualise how your packaging will look. These in-house facilities enable us to produce designs and samples for your product with a very short turnaround time. We specialise in pulp, solid board and corrugated packaging designs.






Printing and finishing

With paper packaging, there are many different designs that can be brought to life, but it is important to choose a design that aligns with your brand. Perhaps you want a raw and natural finish to reflect your sustainability values, or maybe you are after a sleek and bold design. Depending on the packaging material which would best protect your product, you can choose from a range of special features of high-quality graphics and easy opening options. You can have your branding and design printed, foiled, embossed and varnished to really capture your customer's attention. We work to create beautiful designs to give a great first impression to the buyer.

With our in-house industrial digital printer, we offer all of our clients, high-quality digital printing and graphic opportunities from our own premises. Combining premium printing quality and speed performance. 


Preventing breakages

Paper packaging is an extremely strong and protective material when treated correctly. Corrugated, solid board and pulp all provide protection for different uses to prevent breakages. When a robust design, they can outperform foams and plastics. 

It is important to create designs that overcome any previous breakage issues, and which also make a great first impression and user-experience. To create a design that is fit for purpose, we look at the weight, breakability and dimensions of the products. This enables us to look at the science behind the packaging so we can create a design with the correct material weight/grade. At this stage, we can also determine whether we need to incorporate additional components such as integrated fittings to securely hold the products in place.


Design process



The importance of packaging sampling – top tips

Samples have an important role to play in the purchasing decision and are essential when producing a new box or making changes to the materials used for its construction. Samples allow customers to check that the material quality, pack size and style are all suitable for their requirements. Any adjustments and improvements can then be made accordingly.

As part of our design process we can send you a sample in the correct board and/or alternatively a technical drawing and 3D model. This will allow you to review with colleagues to provide feedback and to ensure it is the correct design for your company. 

Often one of the biggest challenges with any new packaging project is the question of how well the package will protect the contents when going through the post, courier system or delivery in your own vehicles.

 We recommend following our simple testing guide below:

  • Check the box design and function will work for you and your product
  • Check that your product fits in the pack correctly and that the box can be closed
  • Consider how quickly your product can be packed, how will this affect your operational costs?
  • Pack with your product(s) and post/courier it to yourself to properly transit test the pack



Material Samples

We stock the majority of the industry standard material grades in corrugated cardboard and standard thicknesses in solid board/folding box board. This enables us to accurately represent your design for size, strength and usability.

However, remember there are other alternatives to the simple box. Pulp can provide a far stronger and more customised alternative if needed, so check out our pulp offering here.


FEFCO/ESBO or ECMA Guide – Meeting Industry Standards

There are several organisation and bodies that provide standards which allow the quality of what we produce to be consistent – these organisations help both the purchaser to know what they can expect, which is extremely important not only on the initial purchase but through the relationship we grow together.

There are:

The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) and the European Solid board Organisation (ESBO) is an official system which has been developed to standardise and list certain common pack designs.

This avoids over complicated verbal descriptions of fibreboard case and packaging constructions and replaces them with simple symbols, internationally understood by all, regardless of language and other differences.


The latest edition of the FEFCO / ESBO list can be downloaded in a pdf format.



Whilst relatively new compared to some of the more traditional paper packaging materials, pulp’s popularity and reputation as the go-to sustainable packaging option for large, heavy and fragile products is fast growing. And most excitingly, it can be used over and over again!.



Corrugated cardboard is a recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging material. It is made from paper from either sustainable forest sources, or fully recycled paper, very much like moulded pulp.


Solid board packaging

Solid Board

Solid board is a strong and stiff sustainable packaging option and typically consists of 3-6 layers of paper. Not only is solid board moisture resistant, but it also makes an attractive first impression to buyers with very high quality printing and branding opportunities.

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