Meet The Switchers

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Meet The Switchers


Gary Thomas

Been a long journey being the founder member of the Switchers. Really proud to head up the gang. I spend my time between France and the UK, most of the Switchers would say most of it in France drinking wine… honestly, that is just not true!!  I have a lifetime interest in the ‘positive mind’, I seem to spend my spare time with my head in a book associated with that, which makes me smile. I like to play Golf, when I can find the time.

Suzie Thomas

Proud of being the part time member of the Switchers. I split my time between France and Goudhurst where I support with the fulfilment part of our business. My time is shared between caring for a donkey, horse and a cat when home in France, along with clearing up behind the ‘founder’ of the Switchers messy Gary.

Helen Atkins

As a member of the ‘Switch Team’, fondly known as the ‘Switchers’, I am their Commercial Manager. So who am I, I hate this part but here goes - Given that there is only so much gardening you can do at weekends, I trample down other people’s greens, sand dunes and prune a few trees, not necessarily in that order, but it does make golf interesting. When I have exhausted that past time, I have great fun restoring furniture old into new. So ‘green’ is a big part of my life both at work and at home.

Rob Neale

I am one of the newer Switchers. My role is to ensure our customers have the best experience and we meet their individual needs. After a busy week at Switch, where time seems to fly by. I enjoy socialising with family and friends and love watching the ‘mighty reds’. When the boss lets me escape, my absolute favourite thing is going on holiday somewhere hot, Mexico being my current favourite!  I would love to say I enjoy going to the gym, cooking and the theatre but in reality my favourite thing to do is relax with a few gins. In the rest of my spare time I am currently busy planning a wedding. Hopefully my partner doesn’t read this lie.

Graham Lee

I’m the Technical manager at Switch Packaging, covering everything “Technical”, from specifications, designs, sampling and print.  If you’re still with me after reading that compulsory blurb, rather sadly I do enjoy designing and developing new and varied products to fit our customer’s needs, as well as supporting all of the guys at Switch with a thorough technical backup. Usually that’s helping Gary with his laptop… At home, I’m a busy family man and I still maintain the best way to settle an argument is scissor, paper, stone. Unless the kids cheat! 

Shevin Yalcin

I am the latest addition to the Switch team with the role in Marketing. I spend a lot of my time, both in and out of work on social media, endlessly scrolling and wasting my hours away (but only when I’m out of work, of course!). I also have a strong passion for food, not necessarily the cooking, but more so the eating of it. Most times you’ll probably find me eating out of hunger, comfort or pure boredom! The highlight of my time here at Switch so far? Meeting Floppy, of course!


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