Bespoke sustainable packaging products – pulp, solid board and corrugated materials

We do everything sustainable packaging, it runs through our veins. Our bespoke and custom paper packaging products are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Paper packaging has so many advantages and can create some of the most eco-friendly protective, beautiful and simplistic designs, creating excitement, positive brand alignment and value to any product.

As a team, we specialise in bespoke paper packaging designs. Given the focus on reducing plastic, but also the protection and cost saving potential, the benefits of these products speak for themselves. We are always excited at the prospect of working with a new customer to demonstrate how these paper packaging materials can benefit them.

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Sustainable Packaging Materials for You

Introducing our Sustainable Packaging Materials E-Book to support companies looking to improve their packaging and replace polystyrene and plastics with more sustainable alternatives.

Helping to understand the benefits of sustainable packaging, the materials available and the types of packaging suitable to your products.

As a second generation sustainable packaging design consultancy, we want to share our expertise to ensure you choose the right packaging for you and your product.

In this E-Book we cover:
- Sustainability and the benefits
- Materials available
- Design elements
- Sectors
- Commonly asked questions answered


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pulp packaging


Moulded Pulp packaging

Moulded pulp, otherwise known as moulded fibre is our first love. This clean, wood-based, renewable and biodegradable raw material is versatile and strong and becoming increasingly popular with the drive to remove plastic and polystyrene from the environment.

Moudled Pulp can protect heavy, large, small and fragile items far more effectively than the harmful packaging material alternatives. Many may have seen pulp in the form of drink trays as we order our favourite fast food. However, pulp can be moulded around virtually anything. Pulp can be used to protect products in transit such as jars, technology equipment and doors, as well as food service trays and beverage carriers. Other typical uses are end caps, trays, plates, bowls and clamshell containers. 

We work with pulp to create designs suited to our customer’s needs.

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pulp packaging



Corrugated packaging

Corrugated packaging

Corrugated cardboard is both lightweight and extremely strong. Depending on the grade and finish of the board, corrugated is elegant, strong, and long-lasting.

Corrugated cardboard is the packing material of choice for many brands and industries. It is ideal for products that require a high-degree of outer packaging protection. It can have a polished or rustic appearance and has many uses such as for furniture, exhibitions, games and art. But by no means is restricted to these.

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Solid Board packaging

Solid board material is ideal for boxes and cartons which require superior printing surfaces to create stunning designs. Solid board is thinner than corrugated board but is extremely flexible and has a huge range of uses. With an environmental coating, this product can also be moisture resistant.  

Solid board is ideal for inner and outer packaging that looks great, requires protection against breakages and water damage. 

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Solid board packaging



Plastic, polystyrene and foam alternatives with sustainable packaging

The devastations that polystyrene and plastic are causing to our oceans and planet threatens food safety and quality, wildlife and human health, coastal tourism, and hugely contributes to climate change. Over the last couple of years, there have been greater efforts to reduce single-use plastics and turn to more recyclable plastic, but they are, along with polystyrene, still a huge concern. In fact, the global production capacity of polystyrene in 2019 amounted to 15.61 million metric tons, and it is forecasted to grow by 2024 (Global production capacity of polystyrene 2018 & 2024, 2020). Polystyrene can take up to 500 years to decompose and the forecast for the usage to grow is frightening. The tragedy of using this packaging material is why Switch Packaging was born in 2011. We are making it our mission to remove plastics and polystyrene from the environment, replacing it with more sustainable alternatives. 

Did you know that 30% of our landfills are occupied with unrecyclable packaging? Using paper packaging can make a huge difference to our planet. 


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