Our Products

Why corrugated, why solid board, why pulp? Why not? These can be the most beautiful and simplistic solutions creating excitement and value to any product.

As a team we specialise in paper products, the benefits of these products speak for themselves, given the focus on reducing plastic we are excited about the return of the paper products and how we can make these may work for you.

Corrugated cardboard is both lightweight and extremely strong. Depending on the thickness of the corrugations and finish of the board, corrugated can also be elegant, strong, and long lasting.  

However, corrugated cardboard isn’t the only material that can be used for boxes and cartons – we also offer a wide variety of solid boards which can provide a superior printing surface. Solid board is thinner than corrugated board but is extremely flexible and has a huge range of uses.

Pulp is very much seen as the new kid on the block, but is that true? This versatile product that is super strong is becoming increasing popular because of the removal of plastic and polystyrene. It allows you to protect heavy items as well as breakables far more effectively than the alternatives.

See case studies, we had some amazing results with these and fun on the journey. 

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