Saving Money and the Planet

Paper, the Sustainable choice

Sustainability and Convenience
What is clear to us here is that we will be seeing a greater use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, lighter packaging and a clear commitment to recycling and reuse. New packaging needs to interact with the product it contains, improving its properties and prolonging its useful life.

Ecommerce and Experience
A key area hugely impacting packaging trend is ‘ecommerce’.

We live in an omnichannel environment, traditional notions of shopping channels have become blurred, packaging clearly must work in both physical stores as well as being viewed and ordered purely online. That is where your brand identity must have maximum impact, particularly for new consumers, or for brands operating a ‘direct to consumer’ model, or indeed purchased via voice-commerce apps and then delivered.

We have seen the humble ‘cardboard box’ receive an extreme makeover recently. The ‘wow factor’ of the box opening moment is fast becoming the new brand touch point. It could go as far that this is the new shopping bag!

The cardboard box has a halo effect, signifying sustainability and therefore ‘better for the planet’ being fit for purpose and a relative newcomer and has only been produced for a mere 700 years!

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